IBC Officers & Committee Chairs

You can contact the board via the email address board (at) irvingtonboatclub.com

Irvington Boat Club Officers

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Commodore – Rick Mishkin

Commodore Frederic S. Mishkin is the Alfred Lerner Professor of Banking and Financial Institutions at the Graduate School of Business, Columbia University. He is also a Research Associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research, a member of the Squam Lake Working Group on Financial Reform, and the co-director of the U.S. Monetary Policy Forum. From September 2006 to August 2008 he was a member (governor) of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System.

Rick helps the club by being our fearless leader. He sets the tone and helps with a clear head when we face those difficult dilemmas. He basically guides the club safely into the harbor when the northeast wind starts to blow.

Vice Commodore – Marcus Witte

Rear Commodore – Daniel Kaskawits

House Master – Maryon Noble

Treasurer – Mary Toomy

Facility Chair – Matthew Mishkin

Secretary – Eric Wolfram

Secretary – Eric Wolfram

Secretary – Eric Wolfram is fatter and has less hair than shown here. That baby in the photo is 11. He edits news for CNN and runs his own video services company WPRNY.com. Strangely, he misspent his youth jumping around in his pajamas all day as a professional ballet dancer long before it was “cool” to actually be one.

Eric helps the club by scribbling notes at board meetings when he actually shows up for them and by managing this website. He administrates the social email list and basically likes to pretend he knows everything. There is, however, photo evidence that he once cleaned out the shed.