Reserving the Clubhouse or Beach

The first step in requesting to reserve the clubhouse or beach for a party or event is to visit the website and check the calendar to be sure that another event is not already scheduled for your preferred date/time.

If the date is available, you then need to fill the form out online. Your request will be sent to the person who is in charge of keeping the calendar and he or she will be in touch with you shortly. Even though your event will automatically appear in the club calendar, your date is NOT confirmed until you receive an email letting you know that the event is approved and you have paid the fee.

If approved, send a check made out to Irvington Boat Club for $50 to the Treasurer, Mary Toomy at 15 Willow Street, Irvington NY, 10533 to ensure your use of the club.

Please note you are responsible for a thorough cleanup after the party. Failure to do so will result in an additional $50 fee or more (and if this occurs more than once, you will be subject to disciplinary action.)

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