The Irvington Boat Club Code of Conduct

Founded in 1958, The Irvington Boat Club is a private river community of boaters and kayakers that offers direct access to the Hudson River. The values the Irvington Boat Club aspires to promote are sportsmanship and the joy of boating and kayaking in a safe environment with respect for its members and the river itself.

The Code of Conduct has been developed to assist club members to understand the standards of conduct expected of them as members of the Irvington Boat Club.  Members and their guests have a duty to promote and support the key principles of the Irvington Boat Club Code of Conduct and to maintain the integrity of the Club.

To support an enjoyable and safe experience for all, members, guests and participants in Irvington Boat Club activities are expected to follow the Irvington Boat Club’s Code of Conduct:


  • Show courtesy, respect and cooperation for all participants while using the Irvington Boat club facilities and at all meetings, events and activities.
  • Differences of opinion and lively debate are welcome and encouraged; however, personal attacks of any kind will not be tolerated.
  • Refrain from discriminatory or harassing behavior including that based on a person’s cultural heritage, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability and other personal attributes.
  • Sexual harassment, unwanted advances or sexually oriented comments or behavior which makes a member or guest uncomfortable in anyway will not be tolerated.
  • Alcohol is permitted, however, frequent or excessive public intoxication and illegal substance use will not be tolerated.
  • If a member has reserved the facilities for a private event or celebration, other members shall respect their right to privacy and not invite themselves to the event nor consume any of the party food or beverages.  Other members have the right to use the facilities during the private event or celebration.
  • Inside of the clubhouse and on the deck, all members and their guests are required to wear shirts or bathing suit cover-ups; outside of the clubhouse (both beach and dock), appropriate bathing attire should be worn that will not be considered offensive.


* The Club’s written and agreed upon safety protocols, as periodically updated, will be followed at all times.


  • Follow all facility rules and guidelines for use of all shared equipment.
  • Ensure all shared and private property is secured at all times.
  • Do not borrow or remove other members’ property without their permission.
  • Do not cause or allow theft or vandalism to individual or Irvington Boat Club property.
  • Any criminal activity either on the Irvington Boat Club premises or with use of Irvington Boat Club property will be grounds for immediate termination of club membership and the Irvington Boat Club Board will  be required to contact the local authorities if deemed appropriate.


  • All complaints should be directed to the Commodore and will be reviewed by the Irvington Boat Club Board immediately.  Any refusal or neglect by a member to comply with the Irvington Boat Club Code of Conduct, or if a member engages in any conduct deemed by the Board to not be in keeping with the IBC Code of Conduct, shall render a member liable for disciplinary action.
  • Such Board disciplinary actions can include the following: fines, suspension for a set period of time or permanent termination of membership.


* Clubhouse Rules
Members are not allowed to feed cats or facilitate any of the cat feeders, known or unknown, in or around the club property, or to give cat feeders access to the club or the club property. The ONLY exception is for the purpose of capturing a cat for Spay/Neuter/Release program and, in this case, the food is only allowed on the club property during the time (20-30 minutes) when the cats are captured and all food MUST be taken off the property when the capture attempt is finished.
* Beach Rules

* Dock Rules