Facility Improvements in 2015

21 Jan



Here are some ways that we want to improve the club this Spring. We are excited by all the volunteers. If you are interested in fulfilling your work requirement by taking on any of these tasks, please contact the house chair or facility chair.

Upgrade Kitchen –

Rework the cabinets to improve functionally by replacing cabinet doors and adding shelving.

Replace or recover counter tops.

In the off season we will be looking for cabinets that can be used as replacements, so if anyone is doing a remodel and wants to donate, please contact the board.

All plumbing and fixtures will be restored to working order. (House Exterior, Stairway, Beach, Walkway and Dock)

All glassware, flatware, dishes and pots and pans will be sorted and stored effectively.

Exterior Deck-
The deck will be stained and the railings painted and repaired where needed.

Deck furniture will be evaluated and repaired or replaced to suit the needs of the membership.

Clubhouse Interior-
The interior will undergo an upgrade both in décor and finishes.

Interior painting and carpet cleaning.

Interior storage TBD.

Remove TV and Old Stereo

Clean Couches or Remove them

Sunset from the Deck

Sunset from the Deck

Clean-out under the club and organize all vessels and gear.

Re-grade the first level up from beach and create storage rack for vertical items (paddles etc.)

Store infrequently needed items on upper level and create some type of screening as a sight barrier.

Clad storage shed with same material as clubhouse.

Pull out all rack’s and clean behind them along fence line.

Paint support columns and any other needed exposed areas.

Repairs to walkway and dock planking where needed.

Repairs to all exterior lighting and power sources. (House Exterior, Stairway, Beach, Walkway and Dock).

Develop a plan for rack storage.

Develop a plan for trailer and larger items to be stored orderly.

Remove everything from shed and only put back what is needed.

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