General Meeting & Workparty dates – Spring 2013

02 Apr

foredeckmen climbing the A frame

foredeckmen climbing the A frame

The General Membership Meeting for Spring 2013 is set for Tuesday, 4/16 at 8:00 p.m. This is where we discuss and plan for the year.

The Work Party is scheduled for 4/20.  Be prepared to do ample work and ample party. Most likely we want people there at 8am sharp, however, if you can’t come until later that also is okay because we will need helpers who stay later in the afternoon too.  Here’s a preview of the expanding list of things we want to accomplish* get a-frame into the water

* get platform into the water
* set moorings (how many?)
* move scrap moorings to a truck or van?
* evaluate or fix plumbing issue
* take appart the deck
* put deck back together
* rake beach, remove large logs
* plant flowers
* pull out deck chairs, umbrellas & tables?

HOWEVER, very likely we will need to work more than one day. So we’re also scheduling 4/21 for follow-up work. If you can’t make the 20th, you should plan of being there the 21st. Alternate days in case of hurricane or late season blizzard (you may laugh but obviously things like this have been happening) we’re going to get 4/27-28 at 8:00am. If you can’t make it to these days, we will have follow-up tasks that can be done on your own time OR be prepared to pay the non-working membership fee.


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