Irvington Boat & Beach Club (IBBC) was founded over half century ago in 1958 by river-oriented village citizens with the assistance of Mr. Burnham of Lord and Burnham Greenhouses. The historic greenhouse manufacturer had been Irvington’s major industry and still owned the riverfront property. He believed it was essential for people to have direct access to the Hudson River. Over the last 60 years, the Irvington Boat Club has hosted many generations of users.

Originally, membership was limited to village residents, but that policy was amended long ago. For a good part of the club’s life, it primarily served motorboat and sailboat users. However, over the last 15 years the club has evolved to reflect the changing way people interface with the river — people who enjoy BBQing at the beach, swimming or kayaking, IBBC still has active motor and sailboat members as well. Beyond boat storage and river access, the club affords members use of a clubhouse with kitchen on the river, a deck offering beautiful views, a beach, and a floating dock. Gorgeous Hudson River sunsets come at no extra charge!

Beach Access

Sit at the beach during the day or bonfire on the beach at night. Swim in the protected cove or sit on the dock chairs in the evening.

Clubhouse Use

The clubhouse features a view overlooking the Hudson River, a deck, access to a gas grill, and yes, dining on the beach is an option.

Club Kayaks

All members can enjoy free use of several club kayaks as part of member privileges. Or you can rent a slip for your own kayak or a mooring for your boat for an additional fee.

Upcoming Events